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Lost Cat Studio is a small art and photography studio based in
the midwest, with worldwide inspiration. Our motto is simple: we want to create
work that is both fun and accessible. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we
enjoy creating it!

The team:

Michael Grabowski

Owner, Artist, Photographer

Michael started the studio and
produces most of its photography and art. He loves bright colors and fun. His
openmindedness and wide interests shape the studio’s philosophy and give it artistic

Grace Kennell

Curator, Graphic Design

Grace does a lot of the background work, like creating and
upkeeping the site and converting artistic ideas into printable T-shirts.
Always concerned with quality and improvement, she executes all of her projects with care.
(She also has a dreadfully morbid sense of humor, and likes to call herself her
projects’ executioner.)

Julie Barr

Photography Assistant

Julie has a keen aesthetic eye and helps pictures achieve their maximum potential. A farmer by trade, she is a tireless worker unafraid of sweat, trial, or dirt. When not in a cornfield or feeding livestock, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son, playing in nature, crafting, gardening, and photography.



Saved from death by Michael, this adopted stray soon made
himself at home. He brings stress relief (and inspiration) by doing… whatever
Muscles does. Sleep. Eat. Stalk about like the ferocious hunter he is.