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Minimalist IVCC

Beauty and harmony can exist in the most simple things:
the interplay of light and shadow, texture and patterns, shape and color. 

In a world cluttered by daily stresses, demands on our time and attention, deadlines, and pressure to perform, our surroundings easily fade into the background. Burdened  and in need of rest, too busy to travel to see beautiful scenery or art, we can become drained. However, we do not always need to travel to decompress, but, for a moment, to breathe, relax,  and look for the beauty that surrounds us. 

The landscape of patterns, the shapes of  light and shadows,  the composition of the lines of a building seen from just the right angle, the richness of the colors of nature; these can bring me peace even on a stressful day. Once I began to look for it, I discovered that art is everywhere.

This concept is the heart of my minimal photography. Less
becomes more not because less is inherently better, but through the camera I remove a moment from its busy surroundings, looking at it as composition, as color, as art. 

In these pictures, I try not to force a conclusion but to present a reflection. The meaning of each is for the viewer to decide based on their own experiences and mood, like the nuances of our surroundings themselves. 


Rural Illinois